Christmas Yuletide Special: The Pig #4

At this time of year, when pork will be served on many a holiday plate, we turn our attention to the pig – an animal both loved and loathed since ancient times. What are its mythological connections?

Join us in the divine muck, where we encounter kings and goddesses from Greek and Norse Mythology, as well as Celtic Druids and a fearsome ghost pig from the Swedish midwinter forests.



Year Walk

Article by Tommy Kuusela: ”He met his own funeral procession: the Year Walk ritual in Swedish folk tradition”


Baba Yaga

Frau Holle (also ’the two sisters’-type of story)

The World (Tarot card)

Hyndluljod (The Lay of Hyndla from the Poetic Edda)

The river Lethe



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