Ben Haggarty: MeZoLith – Stone Age Dreams and Nightmares #12

Ben Haggarty is one of the world’s leading contemporary storytellers, who creates and performs work inspired by international fairy tale, myth and epic. His deep research into ancient stories and cultures also led to the graphic novel series MeZolith with artist Adam Brockbank. Starting from this stone age horror project, we explore all sorts of questions surrounding research and telling (and re-telling) of traditional narrative.

Since the age of stone and bone the storyteller has straddled the worlds seen and unseen, giving voice to tales hoary with age, tales that have been revived time and time again by countless mouths and minds before, remade, refound, rediscovered, remembered.

Ben Haggarty’s website

MeZolith – Stone Age Dreams and Nightmares Book 1…

MeZolith – Stone Age Dreams and Nightmares Book 2

MeZolith artist Adam Brockbank’s website

Ben Haggarty’s training videos


Brothers Grimm

Mesolithic period

Ancient Technology Centre



Vedbek burial, Denmark

Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing

Book: Shaman by Kim Stanley Robinson

Bertolt Brecht

Book: Tales from Ovid by Ted Hughes

Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine

The Kalevala

Language of the birds

The Nart Sagas


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