Johan Nilsson: Farming as Ceremony #48

In the US, there’s a prediction that if the current traditional farming practices continue, there’s 60 harvests remaining before the topsoil is completely eroded.  Is there another way? Biodynamic farmer and dancer Johan Nilsson offers one alternative. What if we transform our entire mindset and instead of viewing the soil as dead matter we enter into a relationship with it?

Welcome into a sparkling and stirring conversation where the borders between agriculture and art are wiped away, where the intuitive development of the farmer and the soil are seen as one and the same, where the farm itself becomes an alchemical organism, where attentiveness, presence and the spirit of constant discovery and mutual enrichment is key. Welcome to a world where both carrot and human can reach their fullest potential.

Johan Nilsson

Soundscapes by Johan Nilsson, Björn Ola Lind, Mikael Öberg

Yoga Nidra
Rudolf Steiner
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Vetenskap och Folkbildning (The Swedish Sceptics’ Association)
Saltå Kvarn
The Demeter brand
Human Ecology
Article by Saskia von Diest: Intuitive Farming: Heart-Based Decisions for Harmony in Agricultural Ecosystems.
Agriculture Course by Rudolf Steiner
Drawings by Rudolf Steiner
Regenerative Agriculture
Jordboka by Dag Jørund Lønning (book)
Marko Pogačnik
Rollin McCraty
Masaru Emoto

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